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This glossary is written for a easy to read and link to documentaton for Slipmat-related things.


A Discourse-powered discussion forum for Slipmat users. Uses Slipmat account for authentication.

Note that Backstage and the rest of the Slipmat universe have nothing in comon; they live in separate siloes so one does not affect the other. The only connection between the two systems is the initial connection you do when you create your Backstage account when logging in to BAckstage with your Slipmat credentials for the first time.


Discord is a chat platform that hosts chatrooms for all kinds of communities. Slipmat Community Chat is our Discord server. You can join by following this invite link. Note that Discord is a third-party service that has nothing to do with Slipmat services -- we just have a chatroom there.

Flash email bot that send you email from Flash is named after Grandmaster Flash.


Frankie is the name of the purpose-built music optimized streaming server that powers the streams. The focus is 100% on audio quality, the video is secondary. Frankie uses HLS technology for the stream which produces the latency for Slipmat streams of about 13 seconds. These are the recommended settings for streaming:

    format: AAC
    bitrate: 256 or 320 Kbps
    sample rate 44100
    resolution: 1280x720 px
    bitrate 2500 Kbps,
    framerate: 30
    keyframe interval: 2 s

Frankie is named after Frankie Knuckles.