# Slipmat Development Process

Slipmat is developed with a very open process. The developer documentation (opens new window) explains everything in great detail but for most users there's justa couple of important things to know and follow: how to report issues and the roadmap.


Slipmat is a community project. That means everyone in the Slipmat community can help and affect the development process.

# How To Report Issues

Everything related to Slipmat code lives on Slipmat GitLab (opens new window). You need to register a free GitLab account (opens new window) in order to report and follow issues.

  1. Before submitting an issue, search the open issues list (opens new window)
  2. If your issue or feature request isn't alredy submitted, submit a new issue (opens new window)

# Roadmap

The roadmap is a longer term plan of upcoming features and development. Things on this roadmap will change during the initial beta phase. See the details from attached GitLab ticket links.

Stage Description Timetable Details Status
Alpha 0 Basic project and server structure Q1/2021 #41 (opens new window) Done
Alpha 1 Basic user functionality Q1/2021 #41 (opens new window) 🏃 In progress
Alpha 2 Basic artist fuctionality Q1/2021 N/A Planned
Beta 1 Deeper user functionality Q1/2021 N/A Planned
Beta 2 Deeper artist functionality Q2/2021 N/A Planned
v3 Stable functionality Q4/2021 N/A Planned
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